Just Picked Blueberry Pie

blueberry pie 1
I have a friend who loves to pick blueberries every year for everybody. Who am I to complain? So when she delivered twenty cups of blueberries, it was pie time, blueberry pancake time, blueberry in my cereal time… blueberries galore! I ended up making four pies, three were sweet and one was sort of savory. I will give you the savory¬†variation at the end… Continue reading

Feather Pancakes


It’s Sunday morning…it’s still cold outside. This calls for warm syrupy pancakes for breakfast! Years ago my mom’s friend Fay gave her a recipe for homemade pancakes. Although they tasted really good for some reason they always came out flat. With some changes to the original recipe I was able to add fluffiness to the pancakes. And with the addition of vanilla they became our favorite weekend pancakes. Sometimes we add chocolate chips; sometimes it’s sliced bananas, strawberries or blueberries. They’re as easy to make as they are to eat! Enjoy! ¬†¬† Continue reading