Homemade Ricotta, Spinach and Shrimp Pizza With A Tarragon Lemon Aioli

Homemade Ricotta, Spinach & Shrimp Pizza
Whoops! I scheduled this to post last week by accident – so here it is again! 🙂

Do you ever have those days where it’s time to figure out lunch and when you look in the refrigerator all you have are lots of little containers of leftovers? Well, that is how this pizza came about. My Hubby loved it so much that he requested it again. This time I decided to share it with all of you. Continue reading

Mini Ravioli Lasagna

Mini Ravioli Lasagna 4
Talk about quick, easy and tasty! This Lasagna has it all!!! I was cleaning out the refrigerator and the freezer when I realized I had over bought ricotta and had a huge bag of mini ravioli in the freezer. Presto, an idea was born and boy was it easy. Layer the ravioli instead of the traditional noodles, why not? … (and you can change it up by using different flavor-filled ravioli!) Continue reading

Baked Eggs in a Cheesy Bechamel Sauce

baked eggs 3

Happy Easter and good morning!!! This morning I’m up early to make baked eggs… I call them Maria’s Eggs, because the first time I ever had baked eggs was at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. They were yummy and ‘my favorite’, simple. I loved the concept of baking the egg, so I started to play with all the different ways I could serve this little gem. Recipes like this can be made in so many different ways once you have the basic premise. Perfect for a morning like today Easter Sunday.  Continue reading

Sauteed Scallops in Dill Butter with Won Ton Ravioli

wrapped wonton

Sea Scallops have to be in my top five for ‘favorite’ ocean fare. I love how sweet and tender they are, but most of all I love how easy and quick they are to prepare. It seems no matter what you pair them with they are elegant and sophisticated. So tonight I paired them with my won ton ravioli. Making my homemade ravioli on occasion is great, (and I will share them with you soon), but tonight I took my favorite shortcut. Continue reading