Classic Shrimp Scampi made with Shrimp Stock

Shrimp Scampi 1

For those of you who love to eat shrimp scampi, but can never seem to replicate that perfect restaurant taste, this is the recipe for you. Years ago when I was making this with a chef friend of mine, I had forgotten an important ingredient… the clam juice from his ‘restaurant’ ingredients list. I didn’t know what to do, but not to worry, as we cleaned the shrimp shells off the shrimp, a light bulb went on and we quickly replicated what I had missed. To both our surprise, a star was born! The shrimp shells became the perfect substitute and the perfect broth… and what a difference it’s made to my Scampi. Some of the best dishes are born out of the excellent mistakes we make…What a flavor punch! It added depth and lightness to the dish at the same time!    Continue reading

Heidi’s French Onion Soup

French Onion 2

I can never get enough French Onion Soup! I was about 10 the first time I tried it… but from my first bite, I was sold. We ate out a lot when I was growing up and for years I ordered it every time I saw it on the menu. Even now, I am still tempted when I see it. I assure you that I have had enough onion soup to make me quite the connoisseur. By the time I was in 11th grade I decided to make it at home. I have spent years in my kitchen tweaking my love affair with this soup.This is my favorite French Onion Soup! Simple but Perfect!  Continue reading