Lasagna Mac & Cheese

Lasagna Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a real treat and can be made so many different ways. It’s also a great way to use up leftovers. When I made the wonton ravioli I was left with too much ricotta cheese so I decided to turn it into mac & cheese. Placing them in individual sized dishes is a great way to portion control. I added a little love for my honey with a Parmesan cracker heart. Easy and quick to make.  Continue reading

Decadent Lasagna With Bolognese & Bechamel Sauce

Decadent Lasagna With Bolognese & Bechamel Sauce

This Lasagna is out of this world as Linda and her boys can attest to. My hubby says it’s the best Lasagna he’s ever had and I for one love to eat it. It’s not the easiest lasagna to make but it is the best I’ve ever made. I always make it after I’ve made a traditional Bolognese. This is the perfect dish for a cold Sunday afternoon when you just feel like cooking… Continue reading

Meatless Monday: Italian Poached Eggs With Pesto & Roasted Pine Nuts

Italian Poached Eggs With Pesto & Roasted Pine Nuts

Eggs are a great source of protein for Meatless Mondays. I was in the mood for Italian today, but didn’t want any pasta, so I decided to make eggs with an Italian theme. I served these eggs with broiled Asiago & garlic bread. The yoke mixed with the pesto really added something special to this dish. It was both filling and delicious… Continue reading

Beef & Sausage Stuffed Green Peppers with a Bechamel and Tomato Sauce

Beef & Sausage Stuffed Green Peppers with a Bechamel and Tomato Sauce
The very best part of having a garden is when you start to have an abundance of vegetables. This morning my husband picked 6 beautiful green papers from our many pepper plants. I was so excited. The very first thing I make with our peppers every year is stuffed peppers. I love them! Like with my lasagna, I like to have a Bechamel sauce as the base. I have found this  adds considerably in countering the sometimes bitterness of green peppers while enhancing the richness of the tomato sauce on the pallet. I always make extra for leftovers. Also in abundance right now are our several squash plants. So you will see I stabilized the stuffed peppers with zucchini spears. I hope you get the chance to make this delicious and unforgettable dish… Continue reading

Bacon Butter Popcorn

Bacon Popcorn
I know this is going to sound crazy, but when I made the popcorn cauliflower for my son the other day, I was reminded of this awesome snack I get sometimes at The Brickyard Restaurant in The Little League Capitol of the World… Williamsport, Pa. I love this snack because it takes me back to my childhood and the popcorn my mum-mum used to make. She would pop our popcorn in … bacon fat! Not the kind of thing you should eat every day, but oh so good. I’m not quite sure how they make theirs, so here is how I make mine.    Continue reading

Don’t Throw Away That Sauce!

pizza4I never throw away the leftover sauces from my dishes. Even if I only have a little, they are like little flavor bombs to be used in all sorts of ways. Today’s lunch consisted of Naan bread topped with sauces from last week. I reserve them in little containers and freeze them to be recreated another day. No waste! When you put love into your food, throwing away a great sauce is like throwing away something you treasure. Just for this reason, you will see me finding creative ways to serve up that little morsel of goodness.

Continue reading