Vodka Marinara Margherita Pizza With Fresh Oregano

Vodka Marinara Margherita Pizza With Fresh Oregano 3
Named after Queen Margherita of Savoy on a visit to Southern Italy (or so they say…) this dish has all the lovely colors of the Italian flag. Rather than make it the same old way, I added a little spin with vodka which I love in my sauce and oregano since I have more growing than I know what to do with…A lovely lunch or dinner for any day especially if you have it with a glass of Italian wine! Continue reading

Taco Tuesday: Mexican Beef Burritos

Mexan Beef Burritos

These Mexican beef burritos are so moist and delicious I’m surprised I don’t make them more often. I think the last time I made them was for Super Bowl XLIX and it was a huge hit. Great for tailgating too because it can be made in advance and kept warm in a crock pot. I made it this week for a family get together. This dish is prepared in one pan, easy to make and clean up so I can enjoy my guests when they come. One of the family said it sort of reminds her of Chipolatas Barbados except not as spicy and juicy… Wow, what a compliment!    Continue reading

Fresh Bruschetta & Toast

Fresh Bruschetta & Toast

I love this appetizer!!! Many years ago when I was living in Philadelphia, I extracted this recipe from a chef at a restaurant called Felicia’s. It was one of the best Italian restaurants in Philly at the time. It was even mentioned in the movie Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. Sad to say, I heard the restaurant closed which makes me even happier I have this recipe. I never wrote it down because I’ve made it so many times, but I’m writing it down for you today… Continue reading

Italian Poached Eggs With Pesto & Roasted Pine Nuts

Italian Poached Eggs With Pesto & Roasted Pine Nuts

It’s MEATLESS MONDAY! Eggs are a great source of protein for Meatless Mondays. I was in the mood for Italian today, but didn’t want any pasta, so I decided to make eggs with an Italian theme. I served these eggs with broiled Asiago & garlic bread. The yoke mixed with the pesto really added something special to this dish. It was both filling and delicious… Continue reading

Spinach & Oregano Pesto over Brown Butter Pasta

Spinach & Oregano Pesto over Brown Butter Pasta

During this bountiful time of year I can’t help but use a plethora of herbs in almost everything. I have several varieties of oregano plants that are practically small bushes. So for today’s pesto I used my favorite…Hot and Spicy oregano. This variety has a surprising bite to it that will leave you tasting a little heat at the end. I paired today’s pesto with a brown butter pasta because the combination of the almonds in the pesto and the depth of flavor when you brown butter gives this dish a wonderful nuttiness. This is also a meatless dish, but if you are so inclined, add grilled chicken or shrimp. Whatever works for you!   Continue reading

Oregano Chicken Carbonara

My husband’s clients seem to love to give him hams. On average, we receive at least 5 hams a year. Sometimes they are so big I can hardly fit them in my refrigerator. Well this Easter we received two more. So Sunday I cooked another ham and am once again confronted with the leftovers. Although I usually use pancetta for  this dish, today, ham it is. However, if you are not confronted with copious amounts of ham, I suggest the pancetta.   Continue reading