Turkey Sausage Cordon Bleu Burgers

If you remember my last post, I referred to the copious amounts of ham that I have. On top of that, as Spring is in full swing, so is the preparation of our garden. With the sugar snap peas, onions, lettuce, broccoli, beets and radishes in the ground, there is still much to do. So today’s lunch was born of what contents were in my refrigerator. It was an excellent lunch that my honey said was, “quite tasty”… Continue reading

‘THE WEDGIE’, No Laughing Allowed!

When I was in college at IUP ‘Indiana University of Pennsylvania’, there was this little pizza shop that a large population of the kids ordered from. The most popular item for the students on the menu and something I had never even heard of before was… ‘The Wedgie’. It was a pizza and a hoagie together. Well, on Friday night I made homemade pizza and I always make too much. So for lunch today I made it, that’s right, I made The Wedgie. The difference between mine and the pizza shop is I don’t use an already made round crust, so mine when finished isn’t exactly a wedge. However, it is still delicious and fun! Continue reading