Decadent Lasagna With Bolognese & Bechamel Sauce

Decadent Lasagna With Bolognese & Bechamel Sauce

This Lasagna is out of this world as Linda and her boys can attest to. My hubby says it’s the best Lasagna he’s ever had and I for one love to eat it. It’s not the easiest lasagna to make but it is the best I’ve ever made. I always make it after I’ve made a traditional Bolognese. This is the perfect dish for a cold Sunday afternoon when you just feel like cooking… Continue reading

White Lasagna


We had a few family and friends over for dinner last night and I wasn’t sure what to serve for dinner! What can feed a small crowd and still be easy to prep ahead of time so I’ll be able to spend time chatting instead of cooking? Lasagna…of course! The go-to crowd-pleaser. This delicious lasagna is made with a white sauce instead of red and is warm and scrumptious….Enjoy!

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