Bacon & Tomato Fusilli

Bacon & Tomato Fusilli

Sometimes you want a pasta but not the old standby spaghetti & meatball kind… I love to experiment with all those different types of pasta found in the pasta aisle – combining sauces that will fit each little noodle to a Tee! This pasta is a wonderful sauce of bacon & pancetta with diced tomatoes served over Fusilli. Warm, comforting and absolutely delicious… Continue reading

Classic Chili Con Carne

Classic Chili Con Carne

It’s supposed to snow tonight in the Northeast. Here in New Jersey it will be our first big storm of the year…in fact of the whole winter season. We have been lucky to only get a dusting so far. So in anticipation of being snowed in over the weekend I made a tasty pot of chili. I have been making this particular chili con carne for thirty years now. So to me it’s a classic! I have made all different types of chili over these many years, but always come back to this one. It’s just that good… Continue reading

Vegetable Turkey And 15 Bean Soup

Vegetable Turkey And 15 Bean Soup 2
Now that Thanksgiving is over, the turkey is almost gone and I’m 5 pounds in regret… It’s time to spend at least a week before the Christmas cookies start to be everywhere that I need to give my body a rest. This soup is just that kind of soup. Full of flavor, veggies and beans, your body will say… thank you! I hope you give this soup a try and if you love beans you will love this soup. I serve it with some fresh rosemary bread and a lot of LOVE… Continue reading

Oregano Chicken Carbonara

My husband’s clients seem to love to give him hams. On average, we receive at least 5 hams a year. Sometimes they are so big I can hardly fit them in my refrigerator. Well this Easter we received two more. So Sunday I cooked another ham and am once again confronted with the leftovers. Although I usually use pancetta for  this dish, today, ham it is. However, if you are not confronted with copious amounts of ham, I suggest the pancetta.   Continue reading