Creole Style Shrimp Risotto

Creole Style Shrimp Risotto 1

Linda is really the Risotto girl, but every once and a while I’ll make it. It is in my opinion the Yummiest way to eat rice! Here I was in the mood for a spiced version, so I went ahead and Creole’d my Risotto… not sure that’s a real word, but that’s what I did. If you like a little spice go ahead and give this Risotto a whirl. Continue reading

Grilled Creole Chicken

We enjoy Creole and Cajun food. Unfortunately it’s been hard to find really good restaurants that cater to New Orleans style cuisine in our area. We can recommend a few in nearby Philadelphia – Catahoula Restaurant and Beck’s Cajun Cafe, but there’s still nothing like home-cooked! The first thing to any good Creole cuisine is the seasoning. These grilled chicken leg quarters are marinated in a Creole Rub that hits just the right spot! Give ’em a try and you’ll taste what I’m talking about… Continue reading