Crab Cake Sandwiches

Remember the crab meat from the Shrimp & Crab Meat Pasta? I bought a 1 lb can of lump crab meat from the seafood deli at my local supermarket. I used only a half of a cup for the pasta recipe…and since crab meat must be used up within a day once opened, I used the remaining crab meat for these flavorful sandwiches! I first had crab cakes at one of our favorite local restaurants, A’Pizze Tuscan Grill. The owner Memo was a great guy and made his with cream cheese. Unfortunately the restaurant closed. Although I don’t have his recipe, I decided that since I loved those crab cakes I would design my own using cream cheese. These ended up being so good that even the one son who is not a big fan of fish or seafood thought they were delicious! Topped with a tangy ranch relish and served on ciabatta rolls they are just so yummy!!   Continue reading