Potato & Cauliflower Gnocchi With Pesto

Potato & Cauliflower Gnocchi With Pesto
Today is MEATLESS MONDAY! I love to have my homemade Gnocchi, but it has always been such a process. To have a light dough it is a sticky mess and I have always wanted to mix in cauliflower like I add it to my mashed potatoes… Well, I was reading the September issue of ‘Food & Wine’ this week and one of my favorite articles…Mad Genius Tips:… All I can say is it revolutionized my concept of Gnocchi making!!! Wow… now my mind is reeling on all the different ways I’ll be making Gnocchi in the future!!! Continue reading

Montmorency Cherry Chicken

Montmorency Cherry Chicken Fabulousfaresisters.com

When Linda and I were growing up, our mother was always experimenting with recipes. To this day I still have some of her 70’s and 80’s cookbooks. Well, last week I was shopping when I came across a bag of dried Montmorency cherries. This triggered a memory of this delicious chicken my mother used to make. I bought the cherries, called my mom and went to creating a dish I haven’t had in 25 years. Although I made several changes to my mother’s version, it was spectacular. My mother used port but I used a dry white wine. I bought a Bordeaux to use, but changed my mind at the last minute. She also used canned cherries, but I prefer dried. I have to say we ate every last bite… I am definitely using this dish for entertaining.    Continue reading