Zucchini Canape With Salmon, Cream Cheese & Capers

Zucchini Canape With Salmon, Cream Cheese & Capers
My little girl is getting married next month and I have been playing with ideas to serve at her shower that are healthy versions of her favorites. She loves bagels and cream cheese with salmon, cream cheese and capers…but alas…. the wedding dress fitting. So I came up with this little bite that offers a little veggie with the bagel fixings. Turns out this was a great breakfast appetizer and is great at room temperature too…  Continue reading

Ahi Tuna Carpaccio


This past Saturday I was off to visit my favorite Boutique Hotel with my hubby! I shared this recipe with you all so you could join in on the fun! I love Tuna Carpaccio…And there is a restaurant in Philadelphia that my husband and I frequent when we are there. My husband is not a big fan of the city, but I am. So several times a year the love of my life takes me for my ‘City Fix’! I love the Carpaccio for breakfast at Parc Restaurant Bistro on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. My idea of heaven in breakfast is a mimosa and raw tuna. Go figure, but it is what it is. After a few times eating it at Parc, I finally deduced how to reproduce a version of my own at home… Continue reading