Tuscan White Beans, Italian Kale & Turkey Sausage

Tuscan White Beans, Italian Kale & Turkey Sausage 1
I came across this Italian kale while my Hubby and I were shopping at the farmers market and I fell in love. It’s much softer and flat and its stalks aren’t as big and hard as the American variety. If you can’t find it just use regular kale and put it in with the beans after about 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes. These beans are creamy, like mashed potatoes, and the cheese just puts them over the top.  Continue reading

Ham & Cannellini Bean Soup

Talk about comfort food… I am in love with this soup! Hearty and light, simple and delicious! I used spinach to finish it off this time because that’s what I had, but you can use escarole for a little crunch. You can also add chicken and tomatoes if you don’t want to use ham. I seriously recommend giving this soup a try… Oh, by the way it’s always better the next day.

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Italian Cannellini Bean Dip With Sesame Bread Sticks

Italian Cannellini Bean Dip With Sesame Bread Sticks

The other night when I made homemade pasta, I was remembering this dip I had at an Italian restaurant in King of Prussia a few months back. I was meeting Linda for lunch and buying a sofa. They served this Cannellini  dip with an Italian herb bread… Well, I didn’t have any Italian bread, and making the pasta was work enough, so I decided to add the herbs to the dip instead. It was even better than the restaurants! Simple and a great dip for any Italian night or even Super Bowl 50… Continue reading