Fall Bisque

We enjoy Restaurant Week in our local area…who doesn’t? Sometimes I save the special menus from the different restaurants who have unique offerings and I try and duplicate them at home…a while back we enjoyed a wonderful soup during Restaurant Week and it’s been on my list to make…Fall Bisque with Candied Pumpkin Seeds & Cinnamon Whipped Mascarpone…doesn’t that just sound scrumptious…the end result was so delicious! Continue reading

Tomato Bisque With Crab Butter

Tomato Bisque With Crab Butter
Call me crazy, but my idea of a romantic evening involves sitting on the back porch with a huge amount of king crab legs spread out on newspaper, lots of butter, a bottle of wine and the sun setting! Well, that’s just what we did last night. You know the knuckle part at the crab that holds all the claws together? I save that part and clean it the next day to turn into another meal. Since I also have copious amounts of tomatoes – lunch was a no brainier… Continue reading

Butternut Squash Bisque

Butternut Squash Bisque

Along with the autumn weather comes an abundance of fresh fall vegetables. With these delightful treats you can make warm soups and chili to fill your tummies! Bisques are¬†creamy soups made from roasted vegetables or fruits which are then pureed. Sometimes there’s nothing that will warm you up like a big bowl of soup. This Butternut Squash Bisque is smooth and lush… Continue reading