Chicken Wings Three Ways

My son just loves chicken wings!!! As a typical teenager he is always hungry too! So today I made his favorite wings, my favorite wings and a new one for us to try. I always buy the Organic Free Range wings because I know where they are coming from. Once the cheapest part of the chicken it is now the most expensive part…go figure! Baked to perfection and not fried, these little bites are a real treat for game days or for an after school snack. Continue reading

Country Ham With A Rum And Coke Glaze

Talk about good! Every year at Christmas my Hubby gets an enormous whole ‘bone-in’ ham from one of his clients. This year I decided to make a little different glaze than the standard brown sugar kind. I know lots of you probably already cook your ham with coke, but I always used ginger ale. Well, not this time… this time I used rum and coke. It was very good! Continue reading