Pollo Gisado with Rice & Red Beans

Pollo Gisado with Red Beans & Rice

When Raf and I were first married (almost 30 years ago now!) we lived in Panama for a few years. As I had never been exposed to Latin food (not Mexican…Latin) I was enthralled with all the different flavors I tasted in Panama. My mother-in-law Rosario is a wonderful cook and this dish was one of the first I was able to glean from her. Although technically this is a Dominican Republic classic, my adapted version, in which I omit the green pepper, I consider purely Panamanian! Usually it’s served¬†over a bed of white rice but today I served it over Rice & Red Beans (recipe below), another Latin classic and added a few Goya Platano Maduros on the side. It was absolutely delicious! Let me know if you like it as much as we do…Enjoy! ¬† Continue reading