Pork Loin Braciole

Braciole is an Italian American dish. The name meaning thin slices of meat, usually pork, chicken, or beef that are pounded thin and rolled with a stuffing. The traditional stuffing has cheese and bread crumbs, but like all good dishes, this roulade can be made with all sorts of creations. I stuffed pork with pork in this briciole so how could it be anything but delicious. I will defiantly make this dish again. Next time I believe I will try it with red wine.   Continue reading

First in the Herb Garden Marinated Lamb Chops


I was beyond excited today when I visited my four gardens to see what I need to do. To my surprise in my #1 herb garden, spring had yielded thriving chives. They were all sprouting beautifully. Along with chives, the thyme had begun to climb back and curly parsley was peeping up its little sprouts… I have two herb gardens and yeah to that because boy do I use them. Today’s lamb chops are being marinated in what I have growing now. Why waste a minute, I say!   Continue reading

Balsamic & Sage Pork Chops Meal


Last night we were in the mood for a quick & tasty pork meal! There are so many ways to cook pork! These fabulous pork chops marinate while the potato salad and vegetables are being prepared and are cooked in just about 10 minutes. How easy is that? The key to cooking these pork chops is to almost treat them like a steak – high heat cooking for a minute or two on each side and then popping them in the oven to finish up. Then let them rest for a few minutes to redistribute the juices. When they’re not overcooked pork chops are tender and delicious! Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognese

use 10-Plated Spaghetti 3

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love pasta! My boys ask for it on a daily basis…so I try to make a different pasta every week to broaden their taste buds. This Spaghetti Bolognese is by far their favorite! And it will soon become your family’s favorite too. A classic Bolognese sauce simmers for hours on the stove to achieve the perfect balance of tender meat and flavor. This sauce is a really easy to make meat and blush-sauce and thankfully doesn’t take hours to make but the results taste like they have been simmering all day.    Continue reading