Tortellini with Prosciutto & Peas

Here’s another classic dish…Tortellini with Prosciutto & Peas…after doing a little bit of research I found that the tortellini noodle has an obscure history. The story goes that a beautiful woman stayed at an Inn in a small town in the Providence of Modena. The Innkeeper was so captivated by her beauty that during the night he peeked through the keyhole to her room and saw only her navel…inspiring him to create this noodle. Crazy story! Anyway, whoever created it – it’s a very tasty pasta, especially when paired with prosciutto, peas, cream & cheese… Continue reading

Arroz con Pollo


Arroz con Pollo was the first Latin meal I ever tried. Many years ago, I was visiting my husband’s family in Panama and was served this simply delicious meal. I tried recreating it when we got home. After many years of tweaking the recipe, and although it may not be made the same way as they make it in Panama, I believe that the end result is perfection! Allowing the chicken to braise in its own juices for an hour tenderizes it and adds tons of flavor. I hope you’ll give it a go… Continue reading