Excellent Herb Boiled Potatoes

Excellent Herb Boiled Potatoes
As you get to know Linda and I you will notice that we love all things Jane Austin. Linda would agree that our all time favorite Jane Austen book (and subsequent movie!) would have to be ‘Pride and Prejudice’. There is a scene in the movie where ‘Mr Collins’ is visiting the estate he will inherit, causing all five of the ‘Bennet’ girls to be left without anything, (as only boys could inherit). During their first dinner encounter, he asked the mother ‘Mrs. Bennet’, “To which of your daughters do I have to thank for these excellent boiled potatoes?”. I love that line… In any case, I do love boiled potatoes. They are light, and with the right blend of herbs and of course butter, they are a delicious side for a great steak dinner… Continue reading

Perfect Every Time Herb Roasted Marinated Chicken

There is a restaurant in Philadelphia called Dandelion that I love to visit when I’m in the city. It is like stepping into a pub in England. They have some really great dishes but one of my favorites is their roasted chicken. I mean this chicken is fall off the bone good. After many attempts to produce a tender fall off the bone chicken, I decided to use a technique that is similar to how I make roast beef. Well, this chicken is fall off the bone tender, juicy and delicious. This technique for roasting chicken can be used with root vegetables, gravy or marinade. I hope you get the chance to enjoy.   Continue reading

Turkey Sausage Cordon Bleu Burgers

If you remember my last post, I referred to the copious amounts of ham that I have. On top of that, as Spring is in full swing, so is the preparation of our garden. With the sugar snap peas, onions, lettuce, broccoli, beets and radishes in the ground, there is still much to do. So today’s lunch was born of what contents were in my refrigerator. It was an excellent lunch that my honey said was, “quite tasty”… Continue reading

First in the Herb Garden Marinated Lamb Chops


I was beyond excited today when I visited my four gardens to see what I need to do. To my surprise in my #1 herb garden, spring had yielded thriving chives. They were all sprouting beautifully. Along with chives, the thyme had begun to climb back and curly parsley was peeping up its little sprouts… I have two herb gardens and yeah to that because boy do I use them. Today’s lamb chops are being marinated in what I have growing now. Why waste a minute, I say!   Continue reading