Eggplant ‘Meat’Balls & Creamy Polenta

These ‘Meat’Balls are so good! I substitute these for beef when I have my vegetarian friends over…using them in sandwiches (think Meatball Subs) and over pasta (think Spaghetti & Meatballs). They’re so full of flavor that they fooled my friends – I personally think they taste way better than beef meatballs! If you haven’t given them a try you definitely should… Continue reading

Italian Turkey-Capocollo Meatballs & Cellentani Pasta

Italian Turkey-Capocollo Meatballs & Cellentani Pasta

Tonight we’re cooking Italian in our house! These meatballs are slightly different than your average meatball…they’re chock full of ground turkey and Capocollo, a traditional Italian pork cold cut, along with fresh grated Parmesan…super yummy…oh so tender! Combined with a twist of a noodle – the Cellentani – and some sauce – Italian comfort food all the way… Continue reading