Hot Reuben Crock Dip

Hot Reuben Crock Dip
Linda and I are only two of three sisters. Our third sister is the dip master – as in she loves to make dips. She has her go-to dips as we all do and this Reuben Dip is one of them… Sort of…??? Actually, I changed it because I was taking it to an outdoor pool party and I didn’t want to ask the hostess if I could use her oven on a hot day to heat my dip. This got me thinking of how I could make it in a way that it could just stay hot without putting out the hostess. By starting with the base of a Bechamel I was able to keep it warm for a long time and still have a consistent texture. It worked great and was a hit at the party! Sometimes you just have to think outside the box! Continue reading

Italian Cannellini Bean Dip With Sesame Bread Sticks

Italian Cannellini Bean Dip With Sesame Bread Sticks

The other night when I made homemade pasta, I was remembering this dip I had at an Italian restaurant in King of Prussia a few months back. I was meeting Linda for lunch and buying a sofa. They served this Cannellini ┬ádip with an Italian herb bread… Well, I didn’t have any Italian bread, and making the pasta was work enough, so I decided to add the herbs to the dip instead. It was even better than the restaurants! Simple and a great dip for any Italian night or even Super Bowl 50… Continue reading