Savory Chicken Pie: Revisited

Heidi and I are headed into New York City today to do some shopping and sightseeing…we’re meeting up with my hubby, who works on Madison Avenue, for dinner along with my cousin Dan and his new wife Nisrine…We’ll be eating Greek tonight…my favorite! Anyway, I left a Savory Chicken Pie for the boys to enjoy while we’re away – and decided to revisit my Savory Chicken Pie recipe from way back when we started the blog in 2015…have a wonderful day all! 🙂 Continue reading

Rosario’s Chicken Pie

Rosario's Chicken Pie

This is one of those once-a-year meals…you know the kind…when you use every pot in the kitchen and have a huge clean up…should I be telling you this before you even read it? My mother-in-law used to make this dish and I always loved it. Her recipe could feed a huge family, so I reduced the ingredients to feed four and put my own spin on it. I make it once a year during the winter when comfort food is truly needed… Continue reading

Savory Chicken Pie

Savory Chicken Pie

What to do with leftover chicken? So, the other night I made Honey-Lemon Glazed Chicken and since one of the boys wasn’t home for dinner a huge chicken breast went untouched. But I hate to see anything go to waste! So today I peeled all that delicious honey-lemon glazed chicken meat off the bone and diced it up. I thought about making chicken salad sandwiches for lunch but decided why not use it in a chicken pie? This chicken pie ended up being the best chicken pie I’ve ever tasted…It really was incredibly delicious! Let me know if you agree…Enjoy!!   Continue reading