Cappellini With A Traditional Bolognese Sauce

Cappellini With A Traditional Bolognese Sauce

Monday dinner was an Italian meatless spaghetti squash dish which was excellent. However, that put my hubby and I in the mood for a serious Italian meat dish. (Lightbulb)… A traditional Bolognese sauce. I only make this dish a few times a year because it is so rich. In the throws of winter I make it with a creamy Polenta because it just screams comfort, but in the summer I make it with a light and simple Cappellini.  You need to start early with this sauce because it takes up to three hours to prepare. It is a great dish for Sundays but it is not Sunday and I want it all the same… Continue reading

Oregano Chicken Carbonara

My husband’s clients seem to love to give him hams. On average, we receive at least 5 hams a year. Sometimes they are so big I can hardly fit them in my refrigerator. Well this Easter we received two more. So Sunday I cooked another ham and am once again confronted with the leftovers. Although I usually use pancetta for  this dish, today, ham it is. However, if you are not confronted with copious amounts of ham, I suggest the pancetta.   Continue reading