Honey, Mustard & Pepper Glazed Ham With Apple Chutney

Honey, Mustard & Pepper Glazed Ham With Apple Chutney 5

If you’ve been following Linda and I for a while now, you know that I am gifted several hams by my hubby’s clients every year. I have had to make ham in so many ways my brain hurts…but this is my favorite! I actually served this dish at a Small Plate Dinner on an evening we had guests. It was the perfect 4 or 5┬ábites that left you wanting more. Serving dishes on little 4″x 4″ plates is a fun way to make the ordinary exciting, (and to use your leftovers)! Your guests will think you spent days preparing… and in point of fact, you did!!! It was fun, delicious and enjoyed by all… Continue reading