Shrimp Stuffed Tortellini Scampi

I was watching a travel show about Asian dumplings when I had an epiphany… Make tortellini stuffed with the shrimp and serve it with my scampi sauce!!! Well you know when you think it, you have to make it. For lunch today my Hubby and I were in heaven with this rendition of this classic […]

Potato Gnocchi Florentine

My son’s girlfriend asked me to teach her how to make Gnocchi and I jumped at the idea! I used to make them with my daughter before she got married and moved away so I was super excited. We really had a good time and the best part was the end result… Light delicious goodness!

Busiate con Zucca & Salsiccia

During our recent visit to NYC, Heidi and I visited Eataly on 5th Avenue to peruse their Italian goods. We both picked up this Busiate pasta and made a plan to each make something different with it…so, for today’s meal I roasted some butternut squash (Zucca) and cooked up some mild Italian sausage (Salsiccia) seasoned […]

Baked Crispy Calamari

My Hubby and I love Calamari. We especially love to have it sautéed. Mostly because it’s a healthier version vs the fried kind. Also it’s hit or miss when you do order it fried. Now it’s something we just make at home. It’s a way to ensure you’re getting just what you want. It doesn’t […]

Broccoli Pesto

This tasty pesto appetizer is made with broccoli instead of the traditional basil…it’s great not only served with toasted pita bread but also with pasta…perfect for a summer night with a glass of wine!