Herb Marinated Curly Shrimp With Fresh Dill Flowers

Herb Marinated Curly Shrimp With Fresh Dill Flowers
Dill grows wild in my herb garden and I have a lot of it. One of the things I love about dill are the yellow flowering dill tops. These flowers are not only beautiful, but they are also edible. They have a very concentrated dill flavor and look stunning on any plate. If you have dill in your garden I encourage you to use the flowers. Just for fun and to impress my lunching friends I cut the shrimp in half lengthwise so when I cooked them they would curl up. It also creates a better bite for a salad or appetizer.  Continue reading

Green Lentil Pasta Carbonara With Salt Cured Pork

Green Lentil Pasta Carbonara With Salt Cured Pork
I have absolutely fallen in love with Lentil pasta. I’ve been running around telling everyone about it. I buy extra boxes and give them to people I know will feel the same way I do. Like Linda’s pasta last week with the red lentils. My Hubby who is a big pasta lover has even said he prefers the lentil pasta now. So I went out on a limb and made this dish for a small dinner party and didn’t tell my guests they were eating lentil pasta until dinner was almost done. The looks of pleasant surprise were very rewarding. Yes, more converts! If you haven’t tried lentil pasta, please do…you won’t be disappointed! Continue reading

Hot Reuben Crock Dip

Hot Reuben Crock Dip
Linda and I are only two of three sisters. Our third sister is the dip master – as in she loves to make dips. She has her go-to dips as we all do and this Reuben Dip is one of them… Sort of…??? Actually, I changed it because I was taking it to an outdoor pool party and I didn’t want to ask the hostess if I could use her oven on a hot day to heat my dip. This got me thinking of how I could make it in a way that it could just stay hot without putting out the hostess. By starting with the base of a Bechamel I was able to keep it warm for a long time and still have a consistent texture. It worked great and was a hit at the party! Sometimes you just have to think outside the box! Continue reading

Cocktail Corner: Mini Blue Bearable

Mini Blue Bearable
Thank you so much Nicole Oliver from Sinner or Saint Speakeasy (visit on Facebook) for finding a way to drink the gift of Pennsyltucky Moon Shine Corn Whiskey that my excellent Husband received as a gift. The word Moon Shine was a definite in this one. WOW! Professional Mixologist, Nicole spent over an hour in our kitchen concocting cocktails that would make this moon shine drinkable. Excellent job!!! She named the drink Mini Blue Bearable!!! I will definitely make this drink again (substituting the whiskey with vodka)! Thanks again Nicole… Please visit Sinner or Saint’s Facebook page. Continue reading

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Spring is so fabulous! Everything around is so ready to burst with energy and life to come. The forsythia, rhododendron and azaleas are beginning their budding branches. Soon we will see flowers sprouting everywhere and the herbs will begin to come to life after a long winter. I am excited to till the garden and shop at the growers market. Our coffers will soon be full of God’s fresh bounty. How blessed we feel to share in all four seasons and enjoy all that they inspire!

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