Pasta Made with Love!

My Husband LOVES Italian food! And when he gets his hankering, I get busy. There is nothing quite as fabulous as fresh pasta. Don’t get me wrong, we use the box a lot, but when it’s just me and him, the love gets cooking. About twelve years ago I saw a pasta machine in a […]

Shrimp & Crab Meat Pasta

I love being able to use leftovers to create something entirely different! The other day I made Penne with Pancetta & Brandy Tomato Cream Sauce. We had some leftover sauce so I used it to make a quick shrimp & crab meat pasta! It has now become Raf’s favorite pasta ever! His exact quote was “This […]

Classic Shrimp Scampi made with Shrimp Stock

For those of you who love to eat shrimp scampi, but can never seem to replicate that perfect restaurant taste, this is the recipe for you. Years ago when I was making this with a chef friend of mine, I had forgotten an important ingredient… the clam juice from his ‘restaurant’ ingredients list. I didn’t know what to do, […]